On Violence (and bullying, verbal abuse, trolling, etc)

All violence is an attempt to replace shame with self-esteem.

— James Gilligan

According to Wikipedia, “James Gilligan is an American psychiatrist and author, husband of Carol Gilligan and best known for his series of books entitled Violence, where he draws on 25 years of work in the American prison system to describe the motivation and causes behind violent behavior. “


“I’m an ulterior designer.”

-Dana Morrigan

Oh I wish I’d thought of this one! More clever quips from the lovely Dana Morrigan via Facebook!
Responder 1: “With an interior motive.”
Responder 2: “You deal in ulterior motifs?”
Lorelei Moon: I quoted you on a date tonight Dana! It must have worked because I’ve been asked on a second date.
Dana Morrigan: More evidence that I am a fluffer in the great porn shoot of life.
Lorelei Moon: Well Dana, I’ll let you know how you’ve fluffed on date number two.
Not a hint of porn on date #1. I’m reasonably sure their will be a date #2. This guy did the old school, but not in an annoying chauvinist way, gentlemanly first date! Paid for dinner, opened doors, kissed me on the cheek. The Empress Dammit was pleased.

(Yes, Date #2 happened. and….it’s slow going, for [practical reasons, but I like this guy.)